Could you live with a tiny car?

If the thought of riding around town on a scooter scares you, or if you just could not imagine not having a roof over your head, perhaps you could use a microcar like one of these. Cars like these used to be rather common sights on the roads in Europe. In fact, we showed you a gallery some time ago which highlighted some of the very small cars that can be seen in Italy.

We would not really suggest driving across the country in a microcar, but for city driving and just running day-to-day errands, is there really a reason a vehicle like this would not work? Even if you are thinking no, remember that people have been using this kind of transportation for years, especially in Europe. The fact is that we are just used to driving two-tons of steel everywhere that we go, but it really is not necessary for a good portion of our needs. Commuting back and forth to work would likely be quite economical in a microcar with an engine less than 1 liter. How would it work for you?

[Source: Treehugger]

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