I can see its ribs! Toyota Corolla in wireframe

Art and automobiles share an uneasy crossroads. Automotive body design is certainly art, but the expression tends to be curtailed by the demands of commerce. Design a car that leans too far towards pure art, and the market will reject it. The symbiosis of needs has served the automotive industry well for the past century. On the fringes are the folks who perpetrate art for art's sake against the automobile. Most of these works are less accessible, though sometimes, there's a consociation that successfully melds higher concept art with the automobile. We're not talking about growing grass on your Riviera here.

British artist Benedict Radcliffe has created a full size rendering of a Toyota Corolla, making the world a more surreal place. The work is essentially a line drawing of the car rendered in three dimensions. Cool. Radcliffe's previous wireframe Impreza was more in line with the pure art mindset, as the Corolla was commissioned for use in a video production. The white painted sculpture lends the photographs a surreal retouched look, and we're kind of bummed we weren't able to turn up the actual commercial, as the couple of shots of the car on set look impressive with the reflective black floor. We can't help but wonder what they chromakeyed behind it, too.

[Source: Skirmisher.org]

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