Myanmar looking to deliver large jatropha biodiesel exports

Myanmar is not a trouble-free country (read up on Aung San Suu Kyi if you're unfamiliar with the political context) but that hasn't stopped some of the military leaders there to decide to export jatropha-based biodiesel. The reason for the biodiesel production is to try and take part in the ever-expanding biofuels market, a senior Myanmar energy official said recently, according to the Brunei Times. Myanmar itself doesn't need much biodiesel, but nearby countries sure do. The Times says that U Soe Myint, director general of Myanmar's energy planning department, hopes that, "By this time next year we hope to have seven million acres (2.8 million hectares) of jatropha plantations in full swing and a large amount of biodiesel for export in the future."
Note: even through the Brunei Times page tags this article with "Reuters," the Reuters home page does not include this story in its database. Just so you know

[Source: Brunei Times]

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