Hyundai: Tau V8 will produce 380 HP in Genesis

Hyundai apparently has a mole in its midst, and the insider has revealed that the "Tau" 4.6L V8 destined to power the all-new rear-wheel-drive Genesis luxury sedan will produce a stout 380 horsepower. This is according to a post on the forums by forum member Delphi, who has gotten rumors right in the past. The power figure reportedly comes from the head of Hyundai's R&D, Hyun-Soon Lee, who revealed the information in a private speech to South Korean business execs.
Regardless of Delphi's track record with getting rumors right, this is still speculation and should be regarded as such. If true, however, color us impressed with Hyundai's new V8 and hope it also ends up powering the South Korean automaker's new rear-wheel-drive coupe.

[Source: HyundaiExchange via Motive via Jalopnik]

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