Feel more 'Xclusive' in your BRABUS smart

By now, you are aware that for the first time since it was introduced, smart will be bringing their diminutive ForTwo to U.S. shores in nearly no time at all. In fact, sales so far have been rather brisk. One might wonder, though, if buyers had the choice for a bit more power and finesse if they might take it. While nobody is likely to confuse it for a sportscar, BRABUS has taken the new ForTwo model and massaged it as they did with the last. This time, the 1.0 liter three-cylinder engine is up to 98 horsepower, the vehicle has been lowered a smidge and the steering wheel and shifters have been swathed in leather. Most importantly, the pedals are changed to metal... we are sure your shoes will thank you.

All joking aside, the BRABUS Xclusive smart is likely to be far more entertaining to drive, if that is of interest to you. Sure, fuel mileage is likely to suffer, but your green credentials may still remain in tact thanks to the standard-version-matching 124 grams per kilometer of CO2 emission. Good riddance emit-ants!

[Source: Automotoportal]

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