Killer Whales in Canada appear to be all right after diesel spill

Fuel spills are never a good thing, no matter which way you look at them. Ask the company which lost the fuel and they will tell you how much money they lost. Ask the whales... wait a second. We can't ask the whales. So, we just have to rely on what the scientists tell us. Fortunately for these killer whales in Canada, the 2,500 gallons of diesel fuel spilled in their natural habitat doesn't seem to be hurting them. Of course, they would probably prefer that the fuel was not co-inhabiting their waters, but the Orcas are apparently swimming through without too much trouble. Fortunately, according to scientists in the area, about 95 percent of the diesel fuel has evaporated, and the fumes do not seem to be harming the wildlife either. We'll call this one a narrow miss, but it is another reminder that biodiesel is much safer when it is accidentally spilled.

[Source: Physorg]

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