It's Friday: Heated streets melt snow

What if streets never needed snow plowing, they could simply melt the snow away? Sustainable energy company Icax is turning that dream into a reality and they are doing it in a green way. Tubes with anti-ice liquids are heated in the summer, the hot liquid is stored and then recirculated in the winter. The tubes radiate the heat, melting the snow.
Icax's system was tested on a section of a London street and it's being used in the roads around a school, opening this September. Icax says it has had inquiries from all over the world, especially Japan and the Gulf. The idea of capturing and storing heat energy through the ground is not a new one. Systems like this one used to heat homes have been around for thousands of years. Icax is really just rediscovering the idea and applying it to the modern problem of snow on streets.

[Source: Edmunds]

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