Yep, trolls are ugly: Brazil's Troller Pantanal

In all fairness, we know there is a designer out there who felt his or her work met the requirements for the design brief: Keep it simple, stupido. The obvious emphasis of this Brazilian appliance is to haul stuff in a no-frills manner. The Troller Pantanal is a functional full-size pickup that does look rugged enough to get almost any job done. With an International 3.0-liter common-rail turbodiesel underhood and dent-resistant plastic panels all around, it definitely screams function over form, which is what you want in a cheap utility vehicle like a pickup truck. And yet, there appears to be some attempt at making it look a little flashier than just the basics, and that's where things seem to go wrong. The extra bits of style slapped on might actually keep people away from this decent truck, which seems a little counterintuitive if you are trying to sell them. Perhaps it's just a clever theft-deterrent system.

[Source: Winding Road]

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