Connellsville, PA shows off electric Chevy Impala police car

Being green is all the rage these days, but for some, it's also economical. That's the thought behind the Connellsville, PA Police Department's newest cruiser, a 2000 Chevrolet Impala converted into an all-electric vehicle. The car was just delivered to the precinct today from United First Responders, LLC, the company who built the prototype EV cop car and will be monitoring its use over the next two years. The electric fuzz buster will operate for a full eight hour shift on one charge, and using a 240-volt outlet will recharge fully in just two hours. On pure electrons, that 8-hour shift will cost the city only 35 cents, compared to between $3 and $4 for a gas-powered cruiser. The battery back will last about five years, but the car is limited by its aversion to heavy rain, which could damage the electrical circuits. That's a significant limitation they should look into fixing quickly, as criminals all over Connellsville will have a field day during Spring when April showers begin to fall.

Thanks to Dominick for the tip.

[Source: Tribune-Review]

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