Is nothing sacred? Chinese release copycat Humvee

UPDATE: The Crazy Soldier is, in fact, being built with the full knowledge and support of General Motors. Thanks for all who caught this.

It looks as though no car is safe from China's car copying industry - not even the U.S. military-derived Humvee. Guessing that there's an extensive market out there for urban assault vehicles, China's Dongfeng has released a new model it calls the 'Crazy Soldier,' which shares a striking resemblance to the original military truck created by AM General.

The Crazy Soldier was apparently developed over a period of four and half years, with engineers working closely with army officials and General Motors in an effort to design a vehicle that perfectly suited the needs of the military. They then added a radio and CD player, slapped a price tag on it and released it onto the Chinese domestic market.

[Source: China Car Times via]

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