eBay Find of the Day: Big Papi's Mercedes SL65

Forget about brokers -- when celebs need to unload cars, they head straight for My eBay. This particular Red Sox Red SL65 happens to be the property of Mr. Walk-Off Home Run David Ortiz, alias Big Papi, from the Boston Red Sox. He bought it for himself when the BoSox won the 2004 World Series (after an 86-year drought, in case you forgot), then dropped another thirty-five large making it custom. There are black D's in the 20" Lorinser center caps. There are two subs behind the front seats, and between the speakers is a baseball diamond with D.O.'s initials in relief. There's a bodykit that we'll let you comment on in private. And the interior is, of course, red and black.

Thanks for the tip, Jaime!

[Source: eBay]

At the time of writing, bidding was up to $450K, which is more than a pretty penny for an SL65 -- except that in this case, the car will be personally handed over to the winning bidder by Big Papi himself at Fenway Park. Is it worth all that to meet David Ortiz? If you bought a non-celebrity-owned SL65 brand new and had $250K left over, we think you could find a way to meet Mr. O without spending all of it. But then you wouldn't get a blinged-out chunk of metallic red history, and that's priceless. Another benefit: it's already got an athlete-approved aftermarket makeover.

On a side note, who knew Big Papi was a Dallas fan? Way to support the other team that's having a little championship winning trouble...

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