VIDEO: Datsun history 101 - The Woz and Black Gold

Awesome. Yeah, that's a good word to describe the Datsun 280ZX. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak was busy in 1982 when he made this commercial for the Z car. Not only did he have time to organize the US Festival, he was shilling cars, too. Then there was that other thing he did, involving microprocessors, but that was in flux waiting on the flop of Steve Jobs' Lisa. That wasn't so awesome. The Datsun 280ZX, on the other hand, has gone on to earn vaunted status as a classic performance car from an era when it was still common to see Volaré wagons with the fake-wood vinyl applique everywhere you went.

YouTube strikes again, with these chestnuts from the past. Dig the Chyron text, total-cheese voiceover, and we'd totally forgotten about the "We Are Driven" tagline and text move. The other spot after the jump is the one we'd pick. Nevermind the achingly terrible pseudo-Shaft disco soundtrack and the risqué undertones that aren't very cleverly hinted at, that Z looks amazing in black and gold, kind of a spin on the "Bandit" Trans Ams without the screaming hood art.

Thanks for the tip, k0an!

[Source: Macenstein]

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