Buckle Up: Seat belt saves choking driver

Steven John Earp of Eugene, Oregon could never have imagined that the breakfast sandwich he was eating behind the wheel as he drove to work last week was almost his last meal, period. How so? Well, during the course of his meal on wheels, Mr. Earp began choking on his sandwich, and the situation was so dire that he blacked out behind the wheel. While unconscious, he plowed into another parked car, and for his sake, that's probably the best thing that could have happened.
Upon impact, Mr Earp's seat belt performed what amounted to be an unassisted heimlich maneuver on him, clearing the blockage that had caused him to lose consciousness and control of his car. No one else was hurt, and the only harm done was to the two vehicles involved in the crash. Mr. Earp, who collapsed after exiting the car when he regained consciousness, was taken to the hospital for observation and later released.

The lessons learned here are very simple:
  1. Buckle up, because your seat belt can save you in more ways than one.
  2. Put the damned sandwich down and wait till you get to the office to stuff your face. Capisce?
[Source: The Register-Guard]

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