Safe, cool and practical: Reactiv Cycling Jacket - with video

It is truly rare that one product can hit on every single one of the targets of its mission statement, so when we find one that also helps you go green, we share it with you. We hereby present the Reactiv Cycling Jacket. First of all is safety. We advocate riding a bicycle when possible, and we all want you to be safe. The jacket manages to include all of the necessities by letting other motorists know when you are accelerating, braking and turning in either direction. The system is also practical in that all you need to make it work is included in the jacket. It's not too much to put on a jacket to ride your bike, is it? The device is cool because it's techy but doesn't look utterly ridiculous... like some other bicycle riding apparel we can think of. We would even argue that the jacket is priced right at £100 in Europe. The jacket is not for sale yet anywhere but should be in the U.K. in time for Christmas. No word on when of if the jacket will make it stateside.

See a video of the jacket in operation after the break.

[Source: Daily Mail via Gizmodo]

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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