Protect your noggin with a bamboo helmet

While it's no secret that bamboo makes for an excellent natural building tool, I've never seen anything quite like this Roof R06 helmet. Sure, I've seen bikes made from bamboo before, so why not protect your head with the stuff while riding it? OK, so this helmet is really for motorcycles, not bicycles. Being that most helmets are made from plastics and foams which are not really environmentally friendly, it's nice to see something like this... plus I think it looks awesome. This is said to be a limited edition helmet, so if you want one, better act fast. I'd contact your nearest dealer to see if they can order one. Oh yeah, it passes the European E22/05 safety requirements for helmets, but no mention is made of whether or not it's DOT approved in the U.S. My guess is that the helmet is perfectly safe if it passes the E22/05 tests though.

[Source: Motorcycle News]

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