Chrysler design chief wants the Demon, bad

Chrysler has been through a lot in the past 18 months, including an ad campaign that touted the company's German engineering prowess, three CEOs, and two ownership groups. Now that the company is private, Chrysler would like to reinvent itself as an American automaker. While the Pentistar has canceled the hideous and un-American looking Imperial (actually, we don't know what planet the Imperial came from), the Auburn Hills, MI-based company does have an all-American concept that would help improve the company's image. The Dodge Demon combines aggressive, Viper-like styling and MX-5 proportions with the idea of charging a paltry $15,000 for the right of ownership.

Right now there is no bigger proponent of this roadster than design chief Trevor Creed, and he's willing to fight publicly for his pet cause. Creed told Wards Automotive that the "conditions were right" for such a vehicle, and with Cerberus' new ownership, the private equity group could make a lot of friends inside and outside Chrysler by making the Demon a reality. When we drove the Demon, we were amazed by the positive vibe that the little gold roadster carried. While it's a small, economical, and fun vehicle, it looks the part of a more refined, expensive sports car. We're with you, Trevor. Build it!

[Source: Wards Auto]

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