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Kinergy Power - harvesting energy from bodies in motion

Before I get into the explanation of how the Kinergy Energy Carpet works, here is a video. Now, let's collectively break into song... how about "Magic Carpet Ride"? No? All right then. The Kinergy system promises to produce electricity anywhere heavy traffic is present. It looks like there are hundreds of small pistons moving up and down as a vehicle rolls over them, and the pistons create pressure which turns a hydraulic motor. The motor then turns the generator, creating the electricity, which can power over 2,000 homes for a year, according to their video presentation. I think that the idea makes sense, and it looks like they have tested it. Now, is it commercially feasible? Another of their projects replaces speed bumps with "Kinerbumps", which appear to be a smaller version of their Energy Carpet idea.

The Kinergy Power group also has wave energy on their minds. Looks like they've got both hands firmly in the alternative energy pie, huh!

[Source: Kinergy Power, thanks for the tip, Ian!]

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