Friday Humor: Quentin Tarantino avoids traffic jam with pedal-power

If we've said it once, we've said it a thousand times: traffic congestion can be solved with two wheels. Be it by bicycle, Segway, moped, scooter or motorcycle, moving about to and fro on half the wheels takes up half the space. Quentin Tarantino could tell you this, now that he has witnessed it first hand. Stuck in the middle of a massive traffic jam and not wanting to be late for his appointment to receive an award from Philippine President Gloria Arroyo on August 15th, Tarantino fled his car and hopped into a pedicab. He was then pedaled to his appointment, which he made in time to receive his international director lifetime achievement award. Not only did the ride save him some time, according to Tarantino's pal Filipino director Amable Aguiluz, "The objective was just to get there on time. But he enjoyed it."

[Source: Yahoo News]

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