Reader Ride: 2004 Subaru WRX

Although modded WRXs are a dime a dozen throughout the States, surprisingly few have made it into our Flickr pool – that's just not right. It's one of the most competent platforms going for enthusiasts, and after last year's Subie v. Evo posts, we though it was high time to highlight another well-done Rex as our Reader Ride.

This 2004 model has had the kitchen sink and all the plumbing thrown at it, including an 18G turbo, Turbo XS up-pipe, downpipe and HKS exhaust. High-flow injectors ensure that the heavy breathing is accompanied with the right amount of sacrificial fuel, while a UTEC engine management system orchestrates it all to the tune of 301 AWHP.

According to Autoblog reader and Subie owner Jerome, there's some sort of gravitational pull between a WRX and thieves in Jersey, so he's decided to dispatch the aero bits in favor of a more subdued sleeper look. He seems a bit disappointed by it, but we'd like to assure him that Q-ships are the way to go.

You can follow the jump to read Jerome's own description, along with a couple more photos and instructions on how to submit your own ride for selection.

Quoth Jerome:

"Chargespeed V1 lip kit, 18" SSR Professor, Vis carbon hood, Monster carbon trunk, Cusco front and rear strut bars, Eibach springs, STI struts other stuff...

"18G turbo, black FMIC and piping from Hyperflow (imported and powder coated from Australia) , high flow injectors UTEC engine management, Blitz gauges, Turbo XS Uppie, downpipe, HKS exhaust, other go fast parts. 301 awhp (very aggressive ecu map that I don't use often)

"Sad to say, but car doesn't look like this anymore. A lot of the exterior parts were replaced for the sleeper look, except the rims. For those that don't know, NJ is notorious for WRX theft. Mine was visited twice by the break-in fairy. That's why she is black and blue. She's all bruised up."

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