For the OCD in you: Ownersite lets you track vehicle history to a tee

Before I owned the '99 Alero, there was the '94 Protege. I had a habit of keeping the receipt for every drop of gas I put in that car. They were all stuffed in the glove box with the intent that I would plot a nice graph showing the Protege's gas mileage over time when it came to sell. Well, the Protege died a sudden death, so the car was never sold and the receipts went in the trash, but I've always liked the idea of tracking my vehicle's history for the benefit of the next owner and, ultimately, my own wallet.
We found a site that lets you do just that called Ownersite. Its founder and CEO is Steven Eppinger who used to own and run before it was sold to Internet Brands back in April. Truck owners have been known to keep very detailed records of their beasts, which was a fact that led Eppinger to start Ownersite as his next venture. It does what you'd expect it to – allows for tracking your vehicle's mileage, maintenance, mpg, repairs, etc., but we've found it goes many levels deeper than other vehicle history tracking software and sites. For instance, it also monitors recalls and TSBs issued by the NHTSA and immediately alerts you if any affect the vehicle your driving.


Since it's web-based, there's no program to download or files to back up, and you can access it anywhere, even on an iPhone of smart phone. The service, which is ad-free so a subscription starts at $14.95/year for one vehicle, allows you to scan in receipts for gas and repairs, upload pics, store vital information for warranties and insurance that you can access anywhere, and it can also remind you of service items based on your car's mileage or how much time has elapsed. Basically, you can record the history of your car like some auto-obsessed Herodotus.

Our favorite feature, however, is the ability to compile your vehicle's complete history and produce a virtual window sticker that can then be used to help sell your car on sites like AutoTrader or eBay Motors, potentially increasing its value by hundreds of dollars. That was my original intent in keeping all those gas receipts for the Protege, and it would've worked had the car not died, dammit.

You can sign up for a free 30-day trial if you're interested, which we've done as we'll attempt to channel our inner OCD and track the Alero for a month to see how it works. We'll report back when we've amassed enough to data to make some fancy graphs.

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