Chrysler set to reveal new model at Woodward

Information is more than scant, but Chrysler will be kicking off the 2008 Woodward Dream Cruise by pulling the wraps off a new vehicle later this morning. Not just any new vehicle, but a limited production model. Judging from the fact that Larry Lyons, VP for the FWD product team, will be in attendance, our money's on the Caliber SRT-4, which we've seen before at shows and been promised in showrooms before the year's out. Woodward is a good place to unveil such a vehicle as the Caliber SRT-4 with its performance bent and 280 nasty horses funneling through the front wheels. The Caliber's forebear, the Neon, already established the SRT moniker as a furious buzzbomb to be reckoned with, and the SRT's certainly got more powder in the charge. We should note, however, that Chrysler has unveiled a special edition model right before the Dream Cruise for a few years in a row now, and in the past it's always a special edition of the PT Cruiser. We think it will be the Caliber SRT-4 this time, but we could be wrong. What we find most amusing is that the unveiling will take place at an Irish pub. At 8:30AM. Right on.

UPDATE: We're wrong. It's the PT Cruiser Sunset Boulevard edition.

[Source: TAC]

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