2008 MINI Cooper convertible pricing leaked

2007 model shown

Pricing for the 2008 MINI Cooper convertible has been leaked, and it looks like there be no price changes for the current model's last year of production. The standard convertible will come in at $22,600, and the supercharged S-edition will tally in at $26,050 (including destination). MINI "base" prices typically have little to do with the bottom line of the vehicle at the dealership, as few vehicles have more options than this little gem. There are 48 stand-alone options from which to choose, though quite a few of them come at no charge. The folks at MINI also provide six different option packages to make your life easier, ranging from the $6,000 John Cooper Works kit for the S to the Sport and Premium packages for $1,500 each. You'd need a degree from MIT to fully understand the restrictions and caveats of the $4,000 Sidewalk package (seriously, if you went to MIT, let us know if you really get it), but suffice to say you get a lot of extra amenities for the cash.

The MINI is both fashionable and fun to drive, and demand is such that BMW's little experiment can charge such high prices for such a small vehicle. And since every owner wants their own unique little work of art, we get more packages than a Union buyout.

[Source: Motoring File]

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