The TMZ of car blogs: Celebrity Car Parade

That would be Hayden Panettiere from "Heroes" and her Porsche Cayenne

Did you know our parent company AOL also owns TMZ, the hottest celebrity gossip blog on the web? If Autoblog and TMZ were to mate and birth a baby blog, it would be Celebrity Car Parade, a very new site started by Autoblog reader Elliot Darvick who loves to see what Hollywood is driving. Who cares if Brit's a bad mom? We want to know what car she's strapping the child seat into. Has Paris turned the corner? Don't care unless she hits a parked car in the process.

We totally dig CCP, and it's not just because Darvick drives an Oldsmobile Alero (as does Hairspray lead actor Zac Efron). We're on board because we like seeing what kind of taste celebrities have in cars. Turns out, some don't have any while others could pick out our dream garage. A few words of advice for Darvick to ensure CCP becomes successful and stays that way – post as often as possible and be careful you don't get sued for using a pic you're not supposed to.

[Source: Celebrity Car Parade]

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