GT-R speculation: More tech details emerge

The GT-R may be the most eagerly anticipated Nissan in the history of the Japanese automaker. New information has been coming to us in a steady leak for months, and this time we're getting more details from the folks over at 7tune. Nissan's VQ family of engines won't apply to Nissan's affordable supercar, instead a new VR designation will befit a new 3.8-liter V6 with twin turbos and a bad-ass output of 480hp. Nissan will use plenty of high-quality, light weight materials, like titanium for the intake valves, a carbon fiber hood, and magnesium alloy for the oil pan, cam covers, and exhaust, while Variable Valve Event Lift (VVEL) will help crank out maximum power and efficiency. Nissan is using a platform that they term "Midship Premium", and much of the weight is being concentrated in the middle of the car for better handling.

We're as excited about the coming of the GT-R as most of you are, and the more we hear about Sir Ghosn's crowned jewel, the better it sounds.

[Source: 7tune]

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