American muscle flexed at Russia car show

An early '70s Chevy El Camino at a car show wouldn't usually get a second glance. Add a beautiful, airbrushed wild, wild west theme and it might get the judges' attention. But no matter how detailed the cowboy's Stetson, the painted pickup probably wouldn't rank a post on Autoblog.

But take that Chevy, move it about 6,000 miles from the country that inspired its custom paint, and things get interesting. Especially on a slow news day like today.

Google's Russian is really rough, so we can't tell where in Russia this collection of '70s Vettes, Camaros and El Caminos is gathered, but it's just really odd to see that silver bow tie above a Russian license plate, and a JEGS sticker right next to characters not even in our alphabet.

Of course we're aware there are American muscle fans worldwide, we just thought you, too, might enjoy the odd blending of America and Russia as much as we did.


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