Spy Shots: Best yet of 2009 Dodge Challenger

click above image to see 8 high-res spy shots of the 2009 Dodge Challenger

Preproduction prototypes of the Dodge Challenger have been spotted all over Detroit in the past few months, but most have been captured with camera phones and revealed little detail about the muscle car coming from Chrysler. KGP Photographers ran into one recently and were armed with proper DSLRs to shoot the car to death, focusing particularly on details like the headlights, taillights and wheels that previous low-res spy shots have missed. In a few pictures we can see through the mesh of the camo and glimpse the headlight hardware, which looks high-tech, perhaps incorporating LEDs around the frame of the circles just like the concept, and trimmed in chrome. The same goes for the taillights, which appear close to the concept's. Finally, through the wheels we can clearly see some serious stopping power in the form of rotors that would look right at home on a Dodge Ram. Is there anything on this car that will differ significantly from the concept? Our guess is that the first interior spy shots we see will hold the answer.

Check out the gallery of eight spy shots below, and we've also included a gallery of the Dodge Challenger Concept for comparison's sake.

[Photos: KGP]

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