How far would you go for A/C?

Scott Dawson finally had enough. After three years of motoring around town with no A/C in his car, this civil engineering grad from the University of Houston decided to do something about it. Rather than coughing up the $1,200 in cash to fix the A/C inside his car, he just bolted an aftermarket unit to the outside of his car. The cooler of choice for Dawson was a home-intended window A/C unit from Samsung. He just cut a whole in his roof and strapped it down and ran some duct work to blow air right on his head. Besides the bolts and brackets, a pair of bungee cords also helps secure the unit, which probably doesn't do much for aerodynamics likely limits carwash options, but looks powerful enough to routinely handle triple digit temps. It's crude, but likely very effective.

Go see the rest of the pics by clicking the Read link below. The story and gallery links are right below the "Breaking News" blurb: "Hot Weather Forces Partial Highway Closure." Maybe they need roadside A/C units. Too funny.

Thanks for the tip, Tony!

[Source: KRIV TV - Fox 26 Houston]

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