Friday Humor: How to get more people to take mass transit - offer free booze

News from Amtrak has us thinking that offering $100 in free alcohol to passengers taking an overnight train ride could not only entice more people to take mass transit but could also get some drunk drivers off the road and on the rail. Well, maybe not... but more people on the train is good news, right? Think of it this way: if the Amtrak train is going to be going somewhere, it is best to fill it up with passengers, right?

Now, it might say something about our social lifestyle if the best way that Amtrak can figure out how to fill their seats is by making them drunk, but that is not for this website to ponder. I wish that Amtrak could put some of their money towards making faster, more efficient trains.

Is this anything like the Coors Light train from the commercials?

[Source: CNN]

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