First Drive of 2008 Honda S2000 CR pops up

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Honda recently invited select members of the automotive media to Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course to sample the track prowess of its new 2008 Honda S2000 Club Racer. We'll just assume our evite got lost in the ether. Though driving impressions were supposed to be embargoed until 8/15, someone jumped the gun. It wasn't Inside Line, but we refer you to their account of the car since it's the only one we can find now, and we just want to know what the S2000 CR is like.

According to IL, the S2000 CR is "the most tightly focused, single-minded performance roadster on the market. Even a Lotus Elise has air-conditioning." That last charge against the S2000 CR is really the crux of the matter, as Honda has stripped the S2000 here of all manner of civility. No soft-top, no radio, no A/C. In their place goes a curb-scraping front chin spoiler and a rear wing that will blot out the sun.

[Source: Inside Line]

The S2000 CR features the exact same engine as the standard S2000, a 2.2L four-cylinder that produces an amazing and sickeningly sweet 237-hp (don't ask about torque, there isn't much). The suspension, however, gets worked over pretty good, with stiffer dampening, bigger anti-roll bars and extra bracing added.

In the end, only 1,500 examples of the S2000 CR will be sold, and they'll all be bought by people who spend more time on an actual race track than the average Joe. Using any other metric to judge this car than a trip to the track would be silly, as it truly is a single-purpose piece of machinery.

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