News Corp's green initiative continues to make the news this week. We told you about how the Fox network's primetime stalwart, 24, will green itself this season by using biodiesel, renewable energy credits, hybrid vehicles, and more to reduce the show's environmental footprint. Well, Fox is also the broadcast home of the Primetime Emmy Awards this year, and the network is embracing the green approach there as well.
Recycled materials will be used extensively, hybrid and other fuel-efficient vehicles will provide transportation, organic foods will be served backstage, and other environmentally-conscious measures will be taken by the network where possible. One thing that's gotten a "no" from the Academy, however, is the use of a green carpet in lieu of the traditional red one. Multiple reasons are cited in James Hibberd's blog at TV Week, but ultimately, it sounds like the codgers who run the show at ATAS just didn't want to deviate from the norm, which is actually too bad. The red carpet arrivals get a lot of attention, are widely watched, and heavily photographed -- which ensures that the event surroundings are plastered all over the web and print media long after the ceremony has concluded. Publicity stunt or not, Fox's desired green carpet would have probably gotten people talking en masse, and would have served a more valuable purpose creating awareness in that manner than all the behind-the-scenes stuff most viewers are never going to hear about anyway.

[Source: James Hibberd / TV Week]

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