Chrysler blocks the doors to prevent white collar exodus

Chrysler is apparently a little worried that there might be a mass exodus of executives during the transition from DaimlerChrysler "partnership of equals" to Cerberus stewardship. Because of that, they have taken the bold step of advising current employees against applying for jobs at Daimler AG or Chrysler Financial.
The Detroit News
obtained an internal email written to Chrysler's senior white-collar staff by Rita C. Rinner, Chrysler's manager of global staff. In the letter she advises that "Requests to interview for positions at Chrysler Financial and other Daimler units, including Mercedes-Benz USA, 'are currently not advised'."

The e-mail went out to senior Chrysler employees, but applies to all white-collar workers and their staffs. It also went out the same day Bob Nardelli was named as the new CEO of Chrysler. Did they really think the execs would be that afraid of what Nardelli had in store? Perhaps. He does have that kind of ruthlessly efficient reputation.

[Source: The Detroit News]

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