More on Gordon Murray Designs' Type 25

We've been keeping close tabs on Gordon Murray and his namesake's design house since it was announced earlier this year. Beyond having Murray at the helm, he's accompanied by 13 other engineers (many of whom are McLaren ex-pats), and has gained backing from Caparo, Mohr Davidow Ventures and Jonathan Feiber, a former Sun Microsystems exec.
All that talent and capital is being funneled into one major endeavor: the Type 25, a city car that aims to be smarter than the fortwo by combining a diminutive footprint with a multitude of configurations both inside and out.

Although Murray has remained mum on the details regarding the engine and suspension, he's confirmed that a total of 14 different body configurations will be available, putting a premium on adaptability, light weight, handling and fuel consumption, along with having a minimal impact on the environment from "cradle-to-grave". Some of the configurations on the inside include seats that can accommodate a variety of positions, one example being a large seat for an adult, with two smaller seats for children.

The Type 25 won't reach production for at least another five years, but Murray and his team intend to have a working prototype ready within the next 18 months. The plan includes a larger model for U.S. consumption, as well as versions designed for emerging markets.

[Source: Autoweek]

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