Mortgage your future: Bentley releases pricing for future lineup

click above image for gallery of 2008 Bentley Continental GT Speed

Bentley released pricing today for its entire 2008 model lineup, which includes the recently announced Continental GT Speed, the most powerful Bentley ever produced and at $199,990, the most expensive model in the Continental line of cars. Prices appear to have gone up across the board save for a few Arnage models that will remain as expensive as they were last year. The company from Crewe also revealed that its upcoming Brooklands Coupe will be a 2009 model, and at $340,990 is the most expensive item on Bentley's menu. Price does not seem to be a deterrent for Bentley customers, however, as the first year's worth of Brooklands Coupe models has already sold out.

Check out the pricing data below and after the jump, as well as galleries of Bentley's two newest models, the Brooklands Coupe and Continental GT Speed.

Continental Flying Spur
2007: $169,990
2008: $170,990

Continental GT
2007: $169,990
2008: $175,990

Continental GTC
2007: $189,990
2008: $193,990

Continental GT Speed
2008: $199,990

Brooklands Coupe

Bentley Continental GT badged as a Hyundai

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Arnage R
2007: $221,990
2008: same

Arnage T
2007: $242,990
2008: same

Arnage RL
2007: $263,990
2008: $263,990

Azura convertible
2007: $329,990
2008: $330,990

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