Why some folks don't trust valets

You have a hot car. Your wallet is fat and you go places where self-parking is generally a foreign concept. When you have a Lamborghini Gallardo, the valet you toss the keys to will probably move it around six inches and leave it out front as eye candy for other arrivals. The risk, of course, is that said valet is an idiot who thinks Ferris Bueller's Day Off is a documentary and respects neither you nor your car.
That appears to be the mentality of "skory15," a valet and poster at LS1GTO.com who bragged about how he took someone's Gallardo out for a joyride without permission. You see, he had to, because it had been parked in front of his valet stand all day, "taunting him." A short time after he had done so, the owner came out, felt the engine cover, and confronted him. "Skory" lied about what he had done (he said he only "took it to the lot and back"), and the unwitting owner thanked him for being "honest." "Skory" then gave him free valet parking for the evening, thinking that made him some kind of hero.

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[Source: LS1GTO.com]

This is where the Internet gets fun. The posters at LS1GTO.com are car lovers, and they immediately started hammering this fool, who actually had the audacity to defend himself, rationalizing his actions by saying, "if you leave a freakin lamborghini with 2 kids (20 yrs old) running Valet then you have to expect them to drive it cuz thats what we are being payed to do.. and he showed me how to drive it and what to do and what not to do...so whateva..and i just took it around the block."

God, what a moron. It's not rocket science: respect other people's belongings. Always. And from the looks of things, he's now in danger of being on the receiving end of of some electronic frontier justice. You see, the genius noted in his post that he works in Charlotte, and the LS1GTO community got to Googling in the hopes of figuring out where he works so they can inform his boss and get him canned. Read the whole thread here.

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