Looking for a project? NISMO-built R34 N1 chassis on eBay

R34 N1 Super Taikyu carMaybe when Damon's done with his Mr. Two, he can drag this puppy into the Autoblog Project Garage and whip something together. It's one of twelve R34 N1 race chassis built for use in Japan's Super Taikyu series. In 1999, the only year in which it was raced, this particular chassis was the champion in its class, after which it was retired. The picture at right shows what it used to look like when it was part of an actual car. It was picked up somewhere along the way and kept by the current owner as a second backup chassis for the AutomotiveForums.com R34 Skyline GT-R 2006 Speed World Challenge car. Since that car's not in action this year, the extra spare chassis became expendable and it's up for grabs. It just a bare chassis, so it literally needs everything else to turn it into a car. But it's a hell of a building block for someone with the money (a lot of money...) and the inclination.

Thanks to William for the tip!

[Source: eBay]

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