R/C car going for 200mph speed record

It's hard enough to get a full-sized vehicle slurping gasoline and sitting on 10-inch wide rubber to reach 200 mph, so imaging trying to reach the lofty speed with a home made remote control car powered by a 29.6-volt electric motor and running on foam based tires. The current R/C land speed record is held by R/C enthusiast Nic Case, who managed 134.4mph.

This time, another enthusiast by the name of Nick Maslowski is going for 200 mph with his new X2 racer. Though the R/C car has a theoretical top speed of 274 mph, drag generated by friction from the road surface and air brings that final top speed to the 200 mph figure.

At these kinds of speed, directing the cars remotely can be very difficult. To prevent it from rolling out of control, Nic has installed a gyroscope that adjusts a pair of rudders to keep it on a straight line. We'd love to see what a R/C car would be capable of with the right facilities such as a wind-tunnel and smoother track.

[Source: Jalopnik via Pistonheads]

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