Long-wheelbase Mondeo sighting in China

Motor Authority just posted a photo of a special long-wheelbase version of the Ford Mondeo, apparently made for the Chinese market. This has been a popular pastime for automakers of late, as LWB versions of sedans from Cadillac, BMW, Audi and others have surfaced as psuedo-limos for the Chinese market.
The picture of the stretched Mondeo was apparently found on the Chinese forum SoulImage, and shows an obviously-lengthened Ford Mondeo sedan with a longer wheelbase to accommodate its extended rear door. It's a bit strange to see cars that have just debuted going through the taffy puller and coming out with different proportions than the press photos, especially before we have yet to see the real thing in person, but this Mondeo manages to still look handsome and stylish even with the extra inches. No word on whether or not this Mondeo plus will make it to other markets, though.

[Source: Motor Authority]

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