Microsoft vs Google: Brute force vs finesse

Google has always been very conscious of energy efficiency, as much for economic reasons as environmental. After all when you're operating dozens (hundreds?) of data centers filled thousands (millions?) of servers storing every conceivable bit of information about everyone, electricity costs can add up really fast. They've also been involved with running hybrid and electric vehicles on their campus and even funding plug-in conversions.

The latest battleground between Google and Microsoft is adding street level imaging to their online mapping applications. Microsoft has always thrown everything they can at the products they design whether it is needed or not. How many of the features in Office do you actually use? Google takes a more minimalist approach as evidenced by their classic plain white search page.

Generating all those street view images requires actually going out into all the cities and taking billions of images. Both Microsoft and Google have put together fleets of multi-camera vehicles and their choices reflect the same attitude they take to other products. The team from Redmond Washington have selected Chevy Tahoe SUVs to drive around take pictures while Google has gone to the opposite extreme and equipped mounted their cameras on Chevy Cobalts.

[Source: Gizmodo]

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