Auction Action: 1985 Suzuki Mighty Boy

Fed up with your pick up's lousy mileage, but worried that your neighbors will stone you Top Gear style if you buy a regular car? Want to make Subaru Brat drivers feel all superior? Or just need a second truck that will fit in the back of your Silverado?

Look no further than this 1985 Suzuki Mighty Boy available on Japan's Yahoo Auction site. Built to kei-car standards of the time, it's less than 11ft long and 3ft 8in wide, yet it can carry a standard 8ft x 4ft sheet of plywood in its flat bed – but only if you cut it up into 16 2ft x 1ft pieces first.

A snip at $400 (at the time of writing), postage and packaging is not included.

[Source: Yahoo Auctions, Japan]

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