Wood burning stove - check. Wood burning... car? Check!

I know that this is not the first example of an internal combustion engine using wood based fuel. In fact, it was quite common in World War II, when Germany realized that there were many obstacles in the way of their importing enough petroleum into their country to fuel it's fleet of tanks and other vehicles. But, I bet that this is the first Yugo to be such equipped.

As a side note, I just watched an episode of "Boneyards" on the History Channel. It turns out that many of the old railroad ties which are pulled up off the ground are being shredded down and used to generate electricity. Sounds like a pretty good use, but I wonder what happens when the wood is burned, because those railroad ties are soaked in chemicals and are sure to have been dripped on by many hazardous chemicals over the years. Anybody else out there have any input on that?

[Source: Jalopnik]

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