eBay find of the week, numero novecentosei: Porsche 906 in Italy

We just came across a nice Porsche on eBay Italian. It's an old one, but we think it still looks pretty good. Okay, that has to be the understatement of the century. It's a 906 or Carrera 6, as it's also known. Altogether 65 of the 906 sports prototypes were built as customer race cars to compete against Ferrari's 206 SP Dinos. Of course, they often shared the track with not only those Ferraris but the larger P cars as well as 904 GTS racers and even the Ford GT40s. These mid-'60s endurance racers, along with their baby-brother 904s, bridged the gap between the old Speedsters and Spyders, and the all-conquering 917s and 956/962s in the Porsche legacy of racing dominance. A winner on the track and such a gorgeous car to boot. This particular one is a 1966 that has been offered at auction in Geneva in 1998 and Monte Carlo in '99, but failed to sell on either occasion. The current seller is in Italy and has put an asking price of EUR 550,000.00 on this classic. It's eBay item number 220117102491.

[Source: eBay]

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