The Ford Lohan? The Honda Nicole Richie? Paul Mecurio gets his mean green on

Need a laugh at global warming's expense? Or how about at a young starlet's? Comedian Paul Mecurio is here to give it a whirl. Mecurio was recently on the radio with the Bob & Tom Show and suggested a few ways car companies can make inroads with today's young 'uns (listen here):
"In our society being cool is everything. To get more people on board with the green movement, we need to re-package it ... to make it less crunchy and more hip.

Like ethanol-nothing sexy about that. But Ethanol is alcohol and like other alcohol it should be marketed to teenagers.

Create cars for today's young, hip ethanol consumer. Like the Ford Lohan, a car that runs on as much alcohol as she does. Or the Toyota Nicole Richie. If you fill it with the wrong fuel, you stick two fingers down the tank and it comes right back up."

Comedy. How tasteful. We'll see what Mecurio tells the American Coalition for Ethanol when he performs for their corporate event on Aug. 8 in St. Paul, Minnesota

[Source: Paul Mecurio via Ecorazzi]

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