First flight using biofuel to take off soon from Boeing and Air New Zealand

Boeing and Air New Zealand (Air NZ) are finishing the last details to test a plane running on biofuels. The fuel is made up from algae that develop in sewers, with a patented process by Aquaflow Bionomic, a company from New Zealand.

Should the project be successful, it would be the first time a biofuel is used in aviation. Both Boeing and Air NZ have prepared a special plane which will have separate fuel systems. One motor is expected to run with regular fuel, whereas the other will run on the new fuel, kept in separate deposits. The pilot will be able to select the fuel type at any moment, if the biofuel didn't run as expected.

Neither of the two companies have confirmed if this could result in a new partnership to sell this technology. It's no secret that Boeing is very interested in this type of biofuel, but there is a concern with the possibility of this fuel freezing at upper-sky temperatures.

Aquaflow Bionomic's technology obtains lipids from algae that can be found in sewers and waste-water ponds. The company is looking for expansion via partnership in both America and Europe.

(The image above is of a hydrogen-powered Boeing prototype)

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