More details on the California state flex-fuel vehicles not using any E85

As we mentioned, last year the state of California spent $13 million on flex-fuel vehicles for state officials to use. Most of the 1,500 vehicles were Chevy Impalas. The state Department of General Services has revealed that not one ounce of ethanol has been used in any of these vehicles to date. When they bought the vehicles there were no E85 stations in California and the investment in the fleet did not include any money for such facilities.

Even now the only state-operated E85 pump is in San Diego making it of little use to most of the vehicles. The flex-fuel vehicles have accumulated over ten million miles using nothing but gasoline. The main reason behind the purchase was because new federal guidelines required three-quarters of state vehicle purchases to be alternative fuel models and flex-fuel vehicles were the most available and practical even though the alternative fuel itself was unavailable in the state.

[Source: KGO-TV]

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