Goodwood Revival will see cars and pulses racing

Looks like we should have held out for the Revival this year. The Goodwood committee just released a statement and some pics to tease us about what we'll be missing by choosing the Festival of Speed hillclimb over the Revival this year. They've decided to add some vintage atmosphere to the starting grid by doing a retro version of the F1 pit babes this year. Twelve lovely lasses have been picked to show the drivers to their starting spots, and this being the revival, they'll be kitted out in period costume. In this case, some swinging sixties kitsch. The Revival has always had a bit more theatrical flair than the FoS, with actors and actresses roaming the grounds to help add some ambiance. Fans are even encouraged to dress the part too. This year's race will take place over the weekend from August 31 through September 2. If we can't manage another trip this year, perhaps we'll be able to in 2008.

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Historic competition cars and motorcycles won't be the only things racing at this year's Goodwood Revival; drivers' pulses will be too, as a dozen glamorous girls line up on the starting grid.

The 12 'grid girls' – courtesy of Revival partner Oilexco – will be dressed in colourful Swinging Sixties PVC outfits, all the rage in Carnaby Street at the time. The girls will be parading on the starting grid and performing essential duties before each race over the Revival weekend, holding up row positioning boards to assist the competitors in placing their vehicles in the correct starting position, and of course, looking gorgeous. The grid girls are a new edition to the Goodwood Revival, sponsored by Oilexco Incorporated, an emerging oil producer focusing on undeveloped UK oil and gas discoveries in the North Sea.

These pit lane pin-ups will be joining a cast of more than 60 selected actors and actresses to add a sense of style and theatre to the Goodwood Revival. The Goodwood Actors Guild (GAG) has been set up specifically to add to the authentic atmosphere of the Revival and the members play their part in creating the magical step back in time that is the Revival, the world's only motor sport meeting set entirely in period.

All around the Goodwood Motor Circuit site, there are many actors, role-playing and acting out scenes from a bygone era. Spivs selling nylons and watches from beneath their coats; Mods and Rockers hanging out and dancing, then being 'moved on' by the local bobbies; comedic workmen preparing to dig a hole in the most inappropriate places; Airline Captains, with a string of adoring air hostesses in tow; the Dad's Army home guard and even iconic figures such as Marilyn Monroe, George Formby and Laurel & Hardy are all to be found at the Revival.

Period vehicles such as a fleet of 'Glam Cab' Ford Cortinas, as used in the British comedy classic, 'Carry On Cabbie', will also form part of the set, with the glamorous 'gals' driving VIP groups and famous racing drivers around. There will also be a display of the finest period road-going machinery in the form of a second hand Supercar sales lot, where members of the public will be harassed into dodgy dealings by shady salesmen.

The Goodwood Revival gives a chance for all visitors to revel in the romance of motor racing as it used to be. The lovingly restored motor circuit is unchanged from its heyday, and great lengths are taken to ensure that everything on the site is exactly as it was. All Goodwood staff and GAG members dress in appropriate period clothing from the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s, and each year more competitors and spectators get into the effervescent Goodwood spirit by dressing the part, considering it all part of the fun.

Leave the modern world at the gate and enjoy a magical step back in time.

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