There aren't many cars that can make a grown man go all giddy inside. Exotics from automakers Ferrari, Lamborghini and McLaren all come to mind, but there's one car that beats all others, and that's the Bugatti Veyron.

We can imagine how one fan, Doug DeMuro on the GTP forums, must have felt when he came across the million dollar supercar whilst driving in the Colorado countryside, near an estate owned by fashion designer and known Veyron owner Ralph Lauren. Driving past the main building of the estate, roughly 15 to 20 garage spaces could clearly be seen, and further up the highway was an ominous black shape moving very fast.

The chase was on, but keeping up with the world's fastest production car is no easy task. After completing a three-point-turn on a 65mph state highway and picking his way through the rural two-laner, the poster managed to snap several pics of Ralph and the Veyron as they darted away. Later, catching up to the car in a parking lot, Ralph Lauren was gracious enough to talk to Doug about the car and call it "incredible."

Check out the forum post at the "Read" link for the full story and many more photos of Ralph's Veyron.

[Source: GT Planet forums]

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