Way Corny: OCC unveils E85 chopper

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As the saying goes, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do." So when the Orange County Chopper crew was asked to come to Iowa and build a custom bike to help out Join the Ride Iowa, the result was understandably corny. The first things you'll notice are the soybean and corn paint job. The edamame paint is unmistakable, but It also has what they refer to as a corn head "scoop" and exhaust pipes that are said to emulate the tubing on an ethanol plant. Built to support the Iowa Farm Bureau Renewable Energy movement and show off Iowa's place as the 4th leading supplier of energy in the nation, this custom bike also incorporates other renewable fuel sources.

The big yellow gas cap clearly shows that the bike is powered by an E85 motor. Apparently that's a first. You'll also find the E85 logo on the air cleaner cover. And if that's not enough, the wheels were designed to resemble the blades of a wind turbine. A nod to Iowa's livestock industry comes via the, surprise, leather seat. Well, it does have embossed animals on it.

A custom chopper built by the Teutels will always draw some attention, especially if Sr., Jr., and Mikey are around to promote it. In this case, the cause seems a bit outside their normal sphere of influence. But if it helps people think green, what the heck. If you happen to like the looks of this bad boy, it will be raffled off to raise money for Join the Ride Iowa. Tickets are $10 and it looks like there's a $50,000 cash option should you have no place in your barn for a corn-fed chopper.

[Source: AutoblogGreen]

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