Muscle Car Machete? Fusion by SOG Muscle Car Knife

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Upon first seeing the Fusion Muscle Car Knife by SOG, we instantly thought of Jr., Senior and Mikey Teutul from the Discovery Channel show American Chopper. Off the top of our heads we can remember Orange County Chopper building theme bikes for Intel, the Yankees, the movie Eragon, CAT, Gillete, LUGZ, Lincoln... the list goes on and on (you can actually see the entire list on the show's wikipedia page).

We've become so accustomed to themed bikes from the OC, a themed knife hardly requires a stretch of the imagination. SOG made sure to target our passion, as well, by choosing Muscle Cars as the theme of its newest knife, aptly named the Fusion Muscle Car Knife. Just like a Tuetul bike, the Muscle Car Knife features all sorts of details that link this blade with all manner of Muscle Era metal. Check out the wheel that turns when the knife is open and closed, as well as the fan belt and pulley array on the opposite side. There's custom racing stripes, an exhaust pipe, hood latch and license plate on the blade itself, a gear shifter clip and headlights (truth be told, we couldn't find what was supposed to represent the headlights, let us know if you do).

Unlike a bike built by Orange County Choppers, however, there's more than just one of the Fusion Muscle Car Knife and they're available to buy for an MSRP of $40 from the company's website.


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