Honda treading in foreign territory: Incentive spending up

When you think about an automaker offering up incentives, Honda normally wouldn't spring to mind. With the ongoing success of the Civic and Honda's inability to keep enough Fits on the lot to keep up with demand, it's obvious that the automaker has been doing well with its core models, but it's some of its outlying offerings that aren't selling like hotcakes.

The SUV and minivan segment has been stagnant as of late, and coupled with an increase in production at Honda's plants, the imbalance is affecting the number of Pilots and Odysseys that are hanging around dealer lots. To combat the lethargic sales, Honda is increasing dealer incentives and lease subsidies on the aforementioned people movers, the Ridgeline and the long-in-the-tooth Accord.

Regardless of the move, Honda isn't throwing money on the hood like other automakers, which makes both corporate bigwigs and Honda owners happy, as residual values won't be hampered by a flood of inexpensive models hitting the market.

[Source: Automotive News – Sub. Req.]

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