Subaru pares down Legacy, Outback offerings for 2008

For 2008, Subaru has decided to simplify your car shopping experience whether you wanted them to or not. Gone are the Legacy Wagon and Outback Sedan. All Legacy models going forward are sedan-only, and all Outbacks are wagon-only. Frankly, we think this kinda stinks, as the Legacy Wagons were good-looking, sporty machines that allowed buyers to get a car with a good level of utility without having to also take the pseudo-SUV, moderately jacked-up look of the Outback. That's all over. It all obviously makes sense to Subaru, otherwise it wouldn't have made the change, and while we're fans of the Legacy wagons, we must say that the majority of newer Legacy-family cars we see in that body style are indeed Outbacks. Likewise, based on what we see on the roads, the standard Legacy Sedan easily outnumbers the newly-defunct Outback Sedan. Of course, in Japan and other markets, you can still a Legacy Wagon, and the JDM Outback's got a better-looking face, too. This seems to be an America-only bummer.

[Source: Kicking Tires]

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